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World’s First Millionaire

Beauty  Competition

A glamorous extravaganza
An empowering experience
A life transforming opportunity for women

Miss Millionaire 2022
“Live Your Dream”

The World’s First Millionaire Beauty Competition

Miss Millionaire is a brand new, immersive beauty pageant concept launched by the dynamic team behind 76 years of Miss Great Britain pageants, and the coveted Miss Tourism World Brand.

And now, on the cutting edge of beauty celebration, Millionaires Organisation are launching a revolutionary new interpretation of beauty contests designed to highlight holistic beauty and celebrate the true elegance of modern women.



Miss Millionaire conveys three strong messages to our contestants:

Become the woman who changes her life

Become the woman who lives her dream

Become the woman who empowers other women


Miss Millionaire truly empowers contestants to embrace and flaunt their uniqueness, intrinsic value, and personal flair.

Miss Millionaire aims to endorse the goals and career plans of our contestants, turning their dreams into reality.

Miss Millionaire features fashion, talent, fitness, beauty and lifestyle rounds for contestants to showcase their abilities to the world.

Do you want to win a life changing prize?

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